Cleveland OH

Meet the Director

I am humbled to direct our Cleveland, Ohio Catholic Schoolhouse community. We have a beautiful group of families, with parents who form our team of tutors and lead our lovely program. It is an honor to serve, sharing my deep love and passion for homeschooling – which we have been doing since 2015.

What we enjoy most about homeschooling is that it allows us to teach our children the riches of our faith, be able to be with them in each stage of development, and customize the education each of our children receives. We fell in love with Catholic Schoolhouse our first year involved and we are excited to share the experience with you.

What do we like best about Catholic Schoolhouse? It answers so many needs/wants of our homeschooling in one place! Here are just some of those:

  • Classical approach to memory work using various, multi-sensory methods
  • Our Catholic faith integrated into the studies
  • Our students learning with peers and the positive peer pressure that brings (plus it’s not just my children who are learning this!)
  • Memory work that is SO much what we want our children to know and know well in 10 subjects
  • Students presenting to their classes every three weeks and to large audiences every semester
  • All of my children studying the same topics for family unity and great at-home discussions/studies
  • Learning classroom etiquette in small classes with personal attention
  • Hands-on science and art (words cannot express the joy that brings to me to have that one lifted off my plate!)
  • Memory work CDs and mp3’s to practice the material AND most set to music
  • Quarterly field trips that correspond to what we’re studying (with friends who are also studying it!)
  • The opportunity to learn from instructors other than us, who share our desire to raise saints and scholars
  • Weekly social time for our children built into the structure
  • Diverse community of other faith-centered, homeschooling families
  • Breaks between class weeks within each quarter – to more fully delve into our CSH studies, to take a break, to cover the other studies we want
  • Incentive of the Super Scholars program to encourage our children to learn all of the memory work
  • Flexibility of the curriculum to use as a backbone for all studies or as a touchstone for key elements, as we choose (perhaps different for each subject or each year, even)
  • Thorough support and training from CSH National for me, as director, and for our tutors

Alright, I’ll stop there. As you can see, I feel passionately about our Cleveland, Ohio Catholic Schoolhouse. Being at a loss for words is not an issue for me, so feel free to contact me if you’d like to hear more :-). May God bless your choices for educating your children, whatever they may be!